syn·er·gy / ˈsinərjē

*the result is greater than the sum of its parts*

A sole practitioner or small law office that specializes in estate planning or trust law may not always be able or willing to handle the variety of issues that may arise for a particular client. Matters involving complex estate plans, trust and probate administration or litigation, conservatorship and guardianship administration, family owned businesses and real property can all arise very quickly but not all offices are ready to handle such variety.

The Hawaii Estate Law Group, a network of independent law offices, was formed to collectively, through its members, cover a wide array of trust and related practice areas. When working with any member of the Group, clients can rest easy knowing that, should a problem beyond the norm arise, reinforcements are a quick phone call away.


Eric S.T. Young

“My approach to fiduciary representation involves attempting to maintain family harmony, where possible, and to resort to court intervention only when necessary.” – More about Eric Estate Planning | Probate & Trust Administration […]


Christopher R. Dang

“Planning for certain life events or death is often overlooked or ignored entirely. My role as an attorney is to not only help you plan ahead, but to serve as a trusted lifetime […]


Scott C. Suzuki

“I am committed to providing thoughtful and practical legal counsel to my clients and am dedicated to addressing their immediate need as well as becoming a trusted advisor for future matters.” – More […]


Derek T. Kamiya

“The practice of law can be like a puzzle. I enjoy putting together the pieces and helping my client’s solve their problems.” – More about Derek Estate Planning | Probate & Trust Administration […]